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Mad hungry

I know I just emailed this to you but it made me think how we've neglected this blog conversation.  I think we still need it!  You have to post that foodie site you showed me in bham that you're referring to all the time.

This book by MS's food editor is a gem for hearty family meals.  Lots of useful info.  I made the beef stew, chili, and tonight we had the apple pork chops.  It was so simple and delicious.

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1973 blog

fun graphic blog / interviews with artists / nineteenseventythree blog

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oh my penguins

from purl bee
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I am in love with this woman's illustrations! Jesse gave me her calendar for Christmas and Etta got the coloring book. I pretty much want everything in her Etsy shop.

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Etta and Jane and I went to go see the George Nelson exhibit at the Bellevue Art Museum [by Steven Holl] on Saturday. His work spanning architecture, graphic design, industrial design and furniture design is amazing. And then you remember that it was in the 40s and 50s and it was so revolutionary and that makes it even more amazing.

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mary blair

I really liked the Google doodle today and evidently it was to celebrate the birthday of Mary Blair. I had no idea who she was. Turns out she was an illustrator for Disney. I did a Google image search and found such pretty things!

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i heart playdoh

I really love playing with playdoh. It is somehow super relaxing. Etta wants to be The Pigeon for Halloween so stay tuned for how that turns out....
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children's books

love this site... amazing listing of old children's books!  and this book, "what it feels like to be a building" looks pretty fun..

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snail my mail

cute and free.  send them a short email and these volunteers will turn it into a piece of real mail.. and mail it!  supposedly the project ends in 5 days.

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my burning house

clockwise from top:: etta's baby quilt made by my mother-in-law, italy scrapbook, wooden elephant we found in the wall of our boston condo, cup + saucer from the espresso set i bought in sicily, hard drive with digital photos, binder of wedding negatives, doily crocheted by my great-grandmother, necklace jay gave me at our wedding, tape recordings of my grandparents teaching me to make meatballs and sauce, my grandfather's penguin ice bucket, and the eames chair i liberated from syracuse.
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burning house

I came across this website via epicurious - strange. It's kind of fun but kind of sad at the same time.

Let's each do it! Humans and kitties excluded. By the weekend. 12-15 items, GO!
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kids rooms

super custom and super cute.
ciel architects in france.
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scrap bags

how fun are these??!!

at purl soho
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charley harper @ fishs eddy

File this in the category of "things I want for my future dream beach house".

I don't know what made me go to the Fishs Eddy site today. I miss that store.

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emily + jason

oh i am so sad.  i missed two very important weddings this summer.  my cousin, michelle's and my oldest friend, emily's.  emily just posted photos from their truro, cape cod wedding and they are sooo.. lovely.  PHOTOS HERE.  there's definitely a parallel here to your wedding (cape + blue!) :)
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comic sans

i find this hilarious. randall and i are always ragging on the overuse of comic sans and papyrus. seriously - every salon and massage place uses papyrus.
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tune yards

delia just sent me a link to this.  rad!
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ny times article on cctv

rem koolhaas and steven holl are, i think, my two favorite architects.  (even though they are starchitects.)
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danger garden

stumbled upon this local to portland gardening site called danger garden.  i love these plants!  and am happy to see her list of cool local nurseries i did not know about.
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happy mothers day

Found this mutant - yet very pretty - tulip in the garden today.
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emma designs

emma made these sweet invitations for her friend's wedding and i bugged her to let me post them here :)  they are so great!  very simple with nice plants and one card has a cute portrait of the bride's kitty cat.  here's a peek!

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jessica helgerson

i just wanted to tell you about this interiors place i applied to a while ago but was too late.  it's mostly residential work, but i think you'll like it.  i love it - clean and modern but also injected with beauty and fun.
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more pretty

image via lovelypackage

i found this package design for Honey&Mackie's Ice Cream Shop on the lovely package website - completely amazing!

it was designed by wink of minneapolis - also completely amazing.
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lovely package

this might be my new favorite site...